There’s so many added extra pressures that many women do not understand. As a man you’re expected to be the breadwinner the romantic husband great in bed the Jock and also the CEO of pretty much everything in life. Personally as a man I believe that this is unrealistic and unattainable. I choose to focus my energies on certain things in life one of them was not a relationship. I struggled with this in the beginning as I was so focused on my work that I couldn’t make time to go out and meet women. According to London escorts of


I’m a senior at my firm and I spend a lot of time in my office. One of my colleagues who is also a senior at my firm spent one evening with me going over a very difficult case. We had banter as we do in between reading through the legals and the evidence presented for the case. At the end of the night with my brain was fried from reading over hundreds of sheets of paper I asked him what do you do when it comes to dating women. He laughed and said to me I don’t date women I date London escorts. I replied back London escorts with a confused tone. He said yeah London escorts I don’t have time personal need to be creating moments to meet women. My success rate isn’t great said my colleague so I just date escorts as they give me what I need within a certain time limit so that I can then fulfil my desires and get on with my work. 


This concept was near to me but I was starting to like it already. So I asked my colleague where do you find London escorts do you have to go to a shop are they online where can I find beautiful women that I can spend time with but not be committed to. My colleague laughed at me and called me an amateur he said let me give you this number call the office at London escorts and tell them Johnny sent you. So that’s exactly what I did I called the number told the receptionist at London escort‘s that Johnny sent me and they told me that they’ll be a girl at my door within 30 minutes. I have to admit I was shocked and nervous at the same time it was happening really quickly and I didn’t know what to expect. But true to their word a beautiful woman knocked on my door within 25 minutes she stood there in her black coat short enough to show off along to find beautiful legs. The coat had a belt which cinched in her waist showing off her petite figure she is wearing high heels but was still shorter than me I looked her up and down and invited her in. That night was the best night of my life she came we spoke she kept me company and then by the morning she was gone my head was clear and I was able to go back to work.