Sex is sweet but as always the case, doing the same thing over and over again leads to boredom. It is therefore important to add spice to your sex life by introducing sex toys in your bedroom. To be honest, how many pairs of shoes do you have? Certainly more than two pairs, right? Similarly, there’s no limit to the number of sex toys one should have. When shopping for sex toys, you’ll be spoiled of choices on which options to go for and here are a few sex toys that escorts are fond of.

1. Wearable Toy Incredible G-Spot Stimulation

First on our list of escort’s favorite sex toys is this amazing wearable toy incredible G-spot stimulation. Most escorts can’t get enough of this vibrator because of many reasons. One, it’s designed to be worn meaning that an escort can enjoy herself anytime she’s out. Secondly, it’s distinguished with a wireless remote control with a range of nearly 49 feet. Besides, it’s waterproof hence ideal to enjoy in a bathtub or bathroom, it’s fast charging and comes with seven fun vibrating settings.

2. Rabbit vibrator

Most escorts are fond of rabbit vibrators for different reasons. This sex toy is not only rounded but also ergonomically angled to provide extra stimulation to the client as well as the escort. Besides, it comes with the ears and a bunny that are well-positioned for clitoral stimulation. It’s made with silicone that’s waterproof, meaning that an escort can enjoy extra fun in the shower and please her clients.

3. LELO’s Ora 2

Escorts encounter different clients with different needs. While some clients want to enjoy the penetration from an escort, others enjoy live shows where escorts masturbate as they watch. Ora 2 is thus common among escorts. In short, this sex toy is a clitoral vibrator that comes with a rotating bead which is covered in soft silicone and usually feels like someone is busy circling their tongue around the clit. When an escort is masturbating in front of a client, she enjoys and feels like it’s the client who has a vibrating tongue around her clitoris.

4. Rechargeable Curved Massager and Premium Water-based Personal Lubricant

Without a shadow of a doubt, every person’s blood boils anytime a tongue is passed across their bodies. Escorts understand this fact and are fond of this amazing rechargeable curved massager to make their clients happy. This sex toy comes with delicate design and great functionality to give the escort and the client enjoyment and passion. An escort can use it to rub her client during foreplay or put it between her and the client during penetration and it will surely provide lasting energy.

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