My life was delighted recently. all the right things had come regularly. I have promoted at work. My relationship with my wife is fantastic, and one of my children is finishing his education. It all went away after one stupid mistake. My boss had seduced me. She is a thirty-two-year-old woman who is still single. She’s an overachiever and a beautiful lady. Most men in the office had a crush on her, but for some reason, she was attracted to me even though she already knew that I’m happily married and have many children with my beautiful wife. According to London escort agency.


I’m already a forty-five-year-old man while she is much younger than me. And I’m not a handsome man either. She slowly seduced me and made me fall in love with her, which I did eventually. Her charisma and beauty made me love her. I forgot all about my family because I always fantasize about my boss. She manipulated me very hard that I  trapped with her. All she requested of me I immediately do because I felt that we had a secure connection together. I betrayed my wife and my family because of their. She would pay for our vacation, we often take our leave for a week, and she would excuse me for working to spend a week together in beautiful places.

We had a lot of fun together, and I was way over my head. when my wife finally found out about my secret relationship with my boss, she got upset at me. all of my family hated me. Even my son, who is very close to me, would not speak to me anymore because of what I did. It was all my fault. It is a stupid mistake, now that I got over the high of the excitement of having an affair with my boss. My life was in misery. No one would even look at me because of what I did. all of the neighborhood knew about my relationship with other women, and they also disposed of me afterward. In the past, I did not have this kind of trouble at all. I lived a happy life with no problems. When my boss came into my life, it got very complicated. I would have never traded my past life for this if I only knew the consequences. In very discouraged and sad but thankfully, there were l London escorts who comforted me. London escorts were there for me no matter what. London escorts were the ones who were there for me when everybody turned their backs on me.