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Promoting Authors & Their Books!

Promoting Authors & Their Books!

July 2018 Author of the Month

Authors Express Promotion
dedicated to promoting authors & their books

Membership includes:

  • Author Webpage
  • Professional Press Release
  • Personalized Interview
  • Feature in each issue of our quarterly magazine
  • Book recommendations to readers at Goodreads

Your press release will be submitted to a few free press release news sites.
Your interview will be posted on the AEP Blog.
The magazines can be purchased in print to show your fans.

Of course, you will still need to actively promote your books yourself, such as setting up book signing events, set up speaking engagements, attend writing conferences, enter contests, etc.

But by joining AEP today will get you started on establishing an internet presence, which can help get you and your books out there to potential readers and hopefully, increase book sales.

While we can't guarantee sales, this is the perfect solution for you if you don't have a website of your own or know how to get started on promoting your books.

AEP also offers services to authors who haven't published and are interested in self-publishing. For additional fees, we can format your manuscript, design your cover, and if needed, help you get published through KDP Publishing, a self-publishing platform owned by Amazon and where you can be published in print and kindle formats.

We Look Forward To Promoting You and Your Books!

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